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Texas Is Behind Us! 

Leave me loner where i belong

i cut my wrists in unobvious directions/ to feel the pain is enough to make me feel happy/ i sit, rest my arm and feel the blood run down/ Another tear…no not another tear/

i sit in the shower let the cold water freeze me/ its enough to make me feel numb/

I relieve my pain in the most wrong ways  but i love it so leave me alone its only my problem.

I lay on my bed and feel my arm and think to myself what a nice job i did/ people think im stupid, people think my crazy, well maybe i am…people think…yeah they can think but they dont know/

I didnt call your name/ I didnt ask for your help/ i can help my self, so leave me alone/ 

My seat belt is fastened

Im fasten onto the seat of my car im looking for a sign, a sign to tell me where to turn/ Going fast, its hitting me fast, its now coming at me fast/

dont stop coming fast/ i know iam almost there/ dont stop showing those signs /cause i know im almost there and i know this is where i want to be…so dont stop/

driving down the road and i see im half way there/ and there you go showing me another sign. so i’ll put my signal on and turn RIGHT down your road/

My heart is racing to the speed of my car, I know where to go, i know where im going and thats to your heart. Looking back and turning back is not an option and i wont slow down/ Are you sure you’ll want me in? ‘Cause i know i want in! 

Eyes of love? Maybe youre just looking in the wrong spot

Open your eyes up to me, open them wide and look at me/ The sun in my eyes is going down and the clouds are reversing towards your smile/

While i try to breathe you keep running away from me now how am i supposed to stay alive?

you had my love for some part of time and it stayed with you for a while/ and while it lasted you just didnt care but now you do so now what am i supposed to do…now that youre here.

your shadow is out lining my body, giving me the shade i need to keep going on/

and now im looking in your eyes and now you look deep into mine, i can see the smile twinkling in your eyes but u can only see the saddness in mine. 

i’ve always wanted you and you know this is true. you want to know why cant these hearts fly  again well i just dont want to get hurt i just dont want to get hurt..but i still love you

Well bled

If you’re gonna scream, scream it really loud/ If youre gonna cry, cry a lot/ If youre gonna bleed, bleed it well/

‘cause thats when it all comes out who can we turn to when its times like these we cant trust anyone/ thats when it all comes out ‘cause we cant keep it bottled up inside/ ‘cause thats when it all comes out/

If you’re gonna be pissed, be pissed for a while/ If you’re gonna be sad, just dont be bothered/ If youre gonna be angry, hit the wall hard/ If youre gonna bleed, bleed it well/

drop by drop cut by cut band aid by bandage

stitch by stich blade by blade

cut to cut drop to drop band aid to bandage 

blade by blade to stich to stiches

thats when it all comes out

There it goes

Down the drain goes my tears i’ve been sleeping on/Drive down through the road goes my fears that i cant hide away/

There goes my tears all wasted on you/ There goes my fears all wasted on you/ I am not afraid anymore/ There goes my joy all wasted on you/ I cant even smile anymore/ Look on what you’ve done to me/

I am going to climb your mountain and tear it down/ Gonna solve all my problems and work them through the nights

Going to easily walk threw your darkness and glide away my fears

gonna run away from your shadows ive been behind on and find myself

Gonna shut the drain and close my eyes and dreams away my dreams/

Threw the vibe that travels in waves and catch the sense i need

near the ocean throw the ashes and forget _________/


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