After Colposcopy Biopsy

So I had my Coposcopy Biopsy today at 11 but of course I had to wait till about 12ish.
Well anyways, all I have to say is ….. OUCH!
I did not like that experience at all…not one bit.
My doctor first, of course, had me put my legs up on those, whatever you call it leg holders, I guess, then put in this apparatus that opens up the vagina to look at the cervix. He then uses his telescope thing idk what it’s called and he looks to see the cervix then puts on this weird brown stuff that the inffected part was supposed to turn white. While all of that was happening, he was poking around, scraping, and UGH that was so uncomfortable, and made me feel queasy. He then got the biopsy tweezers and then took a piece of the infected part out. He told me that it was gonna be a pinch….
it hurt really bad, I teared….I TRIED my best to not shout or tear but I did.
It was an ugly experience, very ugly….I never want to go through that again.
After she had me lay down for a bit becaus I would’ve gotten dizzy. She then said when I go out to the parking lot that I will feel a flush feeling through my body…I didn’t because my boyfriend went to get the truck to pick me up by the lobby.
Well eventually I did when I got home.
I feel crampy and uneasy. When I breathed it stung and still right now have twinges and mild cramping.
Ugh…girls, never neglect your yearly pap-smear. It’s important to your health and ti your sex life.


About IronCakes

Amanda Cantu is my name, Broker for a freight company and vocalist for a metal band named ESIA! Going through a journey with trying to get into the best shape of my life again, getting back into Jiu Jitsu, going back to school and open up my own tea/coffee bar.

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