Cryotherapy Tomorrow

So, as I have blogged about my Colposcopy Biopsy before, the next step is to get Cryotherapy done. Cryotherapy is where they freeze my cervix so the cells won’t grow anymore.
I gotta admit, I’m pretty scared for tomorrow. I’ve done so much research, including, looking up YouTube videos as well forums for this topic and yea it has scared me, but, only because when I was looking up about the Colposcopy Biopsy, alot of women stated it hurt and them women stated that I didn’t. Of course, all women are different but since my biopsy experience wasn’t so great, I’m even more mortified about this Colposcopy. Not to mention the risks and side affects after…YICKS! I’m scared. But I gotta Go through with this so I can just set it aside and focus on weight loss, gaining strength and military. Mario and I did legs and shoulders today and we did A LOT of legs. I did A LOT of calves, I rarely hit calves but i need to start hitting em. I’m pretty sure my calves a gonna be sore tomorrow. Hopefully, my legs won’t shake or wobble during my surgery. :/ That would definitely suck!

About MetalQueen

Amanda Cantu is my name, wife, mother and vocalist for a metal band named ESIA! Going through a journey with trying to get into the best shape of my life again, getting back into Jiu Jitsu, going back to school for Mortuary Science ALL while dealing with depersonalization/derealization and bipolar disorder. I eventually hope to open up my own tea/coffee bar. I am sharing thoughts and my journey through this unpredictable life in hope to help others with the same conditions I have.

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  1. Hope all goes well fellow blogger. You have our support.

  2. Carol Ann Larade

    Hang in there, girl! It’ll be worth it. My best friend had it done and she said it wasn’t overwhelming just awkward.
    I just started working on my calves more too! Do have any good exercises to recommend?

    • Thank u for the support. 🙂 and well I don’t do self exercises, I lift weights and do cardio every other day. MY routine changes very often to help keep my body guessing on what’s next. Monday’s I do chest and triceps Tuesday’s I do legs and shoulder’s Wednesdays biceps and back Thursdays shoulders Fridays chest and triceps Saturdays legs, shoulders biceps. But they change every week.

  3. davetheman1fication

    Hope the procedure goes well. What branch of the military are you considering?

    • Thank you very much, and I really dont have an option due to the circumstances of my credit, but the Army, I’ve always wanted to do Air force or Marines to carry on family history but I’ve fucked up on my credit and don’t pass the 40% mark so Army it is.

      • davetheman1fication

        I was just looking to join as quick as possible, so I ended up doing the Army. It’s not that bad, but I’m not staying in. I think I would have stayed in the military longer had I joined the Air Force or gone Marines. My friends in those branches seem to enjoy it a lot more.

      • Yea. I guess I’m on that same body but I made stupid decisions earlier in life and messed up my chances. But I’m gonna be smart and ace Asvab and get the mos I want.

      • davetheman1fication

        Word. The ASVAB is really easy. My GT score was a 124, but I ended up just going Infantry. What MOS were you thinking about?

      • Wow that’s really high. I’m aiming for Mortuary Affairs Specialist. I need an 88. :/

      • davetheman1fication

        Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too hard to get an 88.

      • Thanks, it’s just the auto part that I’m weak at. Lol

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