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Watch “Mario G. 120Lb dumbbell press” on YouTube

Watch “Box Squats!” on YouTube

Man Gets Banned From Gym For Mocking Its Members Online

Getting the best of me

Some people, I guess, will never try to see the other side of situations. Some people will never try to open up their minds and try to understand how others feel, or what they might be thinking…or what they are going through. Some people will never ask for how you are doing because all they can care and think about is themselves. Some people i guess will eventually realize all of this either…at point of death and regret everything…or when they lose either someone really special to them or they lose everything….. im trying to live each day to not regret anything… I do regret getting into arguments with my mother…but sometimes….when holding it in for so long….you will eventually explode…its natural. …right???  Am i wrong to have feelings, thoughts and problems too? Am i wrong? Mario told me he needs me to be a little less caring …i think so too…but thats just me…i will always care. always. i try so hard to not care and not show any emotions….but i always cave in because i am so considerate on others feelings, thoughts and problems. I just…feel regret and guilt and then i dont… but am i wrong? am i bad person for just being this way??? Sounds like im begging for attention or something…but im serious i feel like im going insane….one day i feel im making the best decisions and then the next i feel i did and said everything wrong. I also feel like im just simply not enough to others, i try so hard to be there and be positive to family and attend special occasions. I try so hard to make everyone happy…i always went out of my way and things to make family happy, just to find out it wasnt enough. Kills me so bad inside…i feel like im constantly fighting this battle in my head if im the one who actually messed everything up…but then i feel…it wasnt just me…it was all of us… and again goes the cycle. I know i am alway so hard on myself but because i want to be enough and im a perfectionist at heart. At this point….i really have no idea whats right…and whats wrong. What did i do wrong, what did i say wrong, what could have i done better or what could i have said to make them more happy… all these things are just getting the best of me and i feel all i have left is nothing but the worse. Sorry for going on and on…but this is whats on my mind. lol 

The Three (3) Energy Bodies

Marcela A. Arrieta

You may be thinking “We have more than 3-energy bodies what is she talking about!”. Guess what you’re right, but i’m not here to dispute this wonderful observation. Rather we are here to dissect the 3-main energy bodies with the hopes of understanding why we have them, why they become intoxicated with murky energy and how to relieve them on the spot.

  1. On first base we have the physical body.  We are a formless blob of energy and the physical body is our chariot ushering us from one point to another on earth. Without this dune buggy we cannot visit our favorite restaurant yet alone indulge in our favorite dishes. We put our physical body through so much causing it to wear and tear prematurely. Our once pimped out vehicle becomes nothing more than an outdated Chevy Oldsmobile. 
  2. On second base we have the emotional body, this energy body provides…

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What The Fitness Magazines Don’t Tell You

well said article.

Jake Tiesler's Nutrition Coaching

Everyone has flipped through a fitness magazine only to see amazing models with big muscular bodies and lean ripped abs. This looks great in the magazines but what they don’t tell you is that most of the models are on steroids and you will never look like them. Statistically your genetics are not above average and even if you take steroids, eat properly, and train with intensity you still won’t look like the model that is selling the new product of the month that is suppose to make you a superhuman.

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Gym Hitlist

Your Natural Muscular Potential

Jake Tiesler's Nutrition Coaching

Have you ever wondered how much muscle you can add to your body naturally? Maybe you are very close already and don’t even know it! Statistically after the first three years you have reached 88% of your natural potential, five years of intense weight training you have reached 97% of your natural muscular potential according to Dr. Casey Butt’s research.

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Bodybuilding Program – Learn About It!


Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. So many bodybuilding program people go to the gym for a few sets of exercises. But for a person to achieve the right body shape, determine the exercise of this right by itself. So for all those who want to get serious about bodybuilding, you must find the right exercise to meet the needs of your body bodybuilding workout program. For example, if you need to gain mass and weight, bodybuilding training program you can not apply any kind of exercise you know. It is an exercise to develop a part of your body.

To begin, bodybuilding program you should find the best strength training programs for you. Then follow bodybuilding programs you have chosen. Third and finally, stick to bodybuilding programs you have taken. It is also important that you understand the benefits you can get from a program. If you have…

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The life bringing strength gainer: The Craze Performance Fuel

The Green's Site

craze performance fuelBeing always fit is my ultimate hobby and passion. I am a person who is genetically healthy. When I see around the girls of today, everyone is slim and they are genetically slim. They don’t need much effort to be in shape as they are already in good shape. Sometimes I feel very bad for myself that why I have a healthy physique, and always in need to do the workout, join the gym, do a lot of aerobics and dieting. What is my fate. The exercise and all these things demand extra vigor and power to do the exercise. Sometimes my natural fuel of my body declines and I get frustrated of all this extra effort I am putting on myself and others are not.

The Hunger Pangs

The same happens when we have any party or a gathering, I have to gaze the brownies that I love. But…

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