Fitness Routine

My Fitness Routine changes often. This week for example:

Monday: Chest and Tris

Tuesday: Legs and Shoulders

Wednesday: Back and Biceps

Thursday: Shoulders and extra Cardio

Friday: Chest and Tris

Saturday: Legs and biceps

Then next week I change it up! Ex:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Chest and tris

Wednesday: shoulders

Thursday: Biceps, back

Friday: Legs (a little of everything)

Sat: (whatever is not sore)



Semi inclined treadmill walk for 10 mins

lying leg curls

stiff leg deadlifts

close feet leg press, pressing with glutes and hams only

smith machine lunges

barbell glute bridge

barbell hip thrusts

glute kickbacks with weight

half lunges to cool down



Then, i do a deload week, where its all light weight and high reps to focus on form and give the muscles some rest time.

Then it goes back to week one all over again. 🙂 But, its always changing….its best to keep the body guessing! 😀

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